Why play GetRaided?

Welcome to the getraided.gg Vanilla Rust Server, where the world of Rust comes alive in its purest form! If you're seeking a genuine Rust experience with no mods or plugins to distract you from the core gameplay, you've found your home.

Server Features:

🌍 Vanilla Gameplay: Embrace the true essence of Rust with unadulterated gameplay. No game-altering mods or plugins, just you and the wilderness.

🏑 Active Community: Join our vibrant and friendly community of Rust enthusiasts. Team up, make friends, and conquer the harsh Rust world together.

πŸ”’ Stable Performance: We pride ourselves on providing a lag-free and stable gaming environment. Say goodbye to frustrating server issues.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Procedural Map: Explore a dynamically generated world with ever-changing landscapes, resources, and challenges. Every wipe brings a fresh start.

πŸ›‘οΈ Active Moderation: Our dedicated team of moderators ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. No cheaters or rule-breakers allowed.

🌐 Connection Info: [vanilla.getraided.gg]

Server Info:

  • Max Players: [300]
  • Map Size: [4,250]
  • Wipes: [Bi-Weekly Map Wipes, Monthly BP Wipes]
  • Server Uptime: 24/7

Join us at getraided.gg and experience Rust as it's meant to be played. Gather resources, build bases, forge alliances, and survive the harsh Rust landscape. Are you ready to embrace the challenge? See you in the game!

Important Links:

πŸ“’ Discord: [https://dsc.gg/getraided ]